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Russia's "drunk tanks" - known as vytrezvitel - were first introduced in 1904 and became widespread during Soviet times, but the network was shut down in 2011. Now, senior health ministry official Yevgeny Bryun has announced they'll be re-opened in 11 host cities for the month-long event. Drunk tanks are intended as be safe flights to mexico from charlotte nc spaces where people incapacitated by alcohol can be taken by police in order to dry out. An opinion poll last year found that 80% of Russians supported their return. Russian football fans have cautiously welcomed the plans. Eduard Latypov, head the fan movement Russia Unites, says it's a sensible decision but shouldn't be a form of punishment, just a means of avoiding trouble. "Many fans arrive in another country or city to watch the game and never go to the stadium, they head straight into a bar," he tells the news agency . Alcohol-fuelled clashes between Russia and England fans marred the early days of Euro 2016, but the head of the All-Russia Supporters' Union thinks drunk tanks will mainly serve foreigners. Alexander Shprygin, who was among those detained after the Euro 2016 violence and has been accused of far-right links, says it's a good solution for English or German fans "who don't know their limits".

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Didora, Bank of America. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Didora, BofA Merrill Lynch - Analyst [50] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark, another strategic question here. I guess given your success in Japan, what do you view as the biggest obstacle that is preventing you from growing out China more aggressively, if the by laterals aren't holding you back at all? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. flights to las vegas - President and CEO [51] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By far and away the biggest problem that we have in China is the lack of awareness amongst the Chinese consumer about the Hawaii vacation. We've got -- I think I'm right in saying -- just to give you a sense of context for this, I think I'm right in saying that the second largest long-haul international city pair in the world is Honolulu to Tokyo. That's after London/New York. We have something like, I want to say, 12 to 14 widebodies a day in that city pair alone. That gives you a sense of scale of the attraction of Hawaii for our Japanese travelers. At the same time, in China, obviously a much larger potential market, there are 10 flights a week.

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