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it wasn't an adventure, it was just something I had to do," he said. "I have heard people saying 'fancy fighting over a body of water' but we had a perfect right to it and it made me grow up, that's all I can say." Image copyright David Rose Image caption "I was just doing my job, really, and positioning the guns," said David Rose, who was in the first wave of troops to land in the Suez In an army made up of conscripts it was up to the regulars to help them adjust to military life. Sgt David Rose, who led the first wave of the forces that arrived in the Suez, was tasked with showing the men who joined his platoon military life. "In the platoon there were only five regulars, all the rest were national servicemen," he recalls. Image copyright David Rose Image caption Sgt David Rose was tasked with helping to turn raw recruits into soldiers "They slotted in and they were very good but they were funny people; a breed all on their own," said the 80-year-old former soldier. "They all had to do it which they hated, but they loved it as well." With a huge numbers of troops on the ground, the British were faced with a continuing crisis in Egypt. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption As the emergency continued British troops were increasingly frustrated by their role in the Suez Attitudes were hardening towards national service and the notion of "doing your bit for the country," said Dr Shindler. "They [national servicemen] didn't want to spend a 'gap year' getting killed. They had no desire to be in the Army, no desire to stay in the Army, and just wanted to get back to the jobs they'd left behind." However, about 70,000 thousand troops would remain stationed in the Canal Zone until 1954.

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