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Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi in joint tourism push

A foreign tourist is interviewed in the ceremony in Xi'an on Thursday to launch a new tourist hub program. Shanghai, Beijing and Shaanxi Province plan to establish themselves as inbound tourism hubs, with support from travel agencies including the country’s top online travel agency Ctrip. It is the first inter-provincial cooperation plan for inbound tourism which helps promote Chinese culture and boost economic development in the regions, government and industry officials said on Thursday. A memorandum of understanding signed by the three provincial-level regions on Thursday calls for an annual conference to share experiences and a special fund to promote and develop inbound tourism in the regions. The hubs will “tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese culture and showcase the wonders of China,” which will boost the economy and cultural development of the provinces. The number of tourists visiting China reached 139 million last year. Shanghai, Beijing and Shaanxi have modernized transportation networks, advanced information infrastructure and world-class attractions such as the terracotta warriors in the Shaanxi capital, Xi'an, and the Great Wall. With advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and big data analysis, Ctrip will integrate inbound tourism resources, Ctrip’s destination marketing division said.

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Doing prep for fieldwork and see that Kilroy travel agency still offers what they call an 'adventure trip' named 'Babies in the Bush'. It's volunteering with human babies and seeing the big 5 at the same time. Of course - no skills needed! #volunteering #voluntourism #childrights

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Stay a Step Ahead of Travel Scams

Beau Bergman had planned a romantic evening in Paris with his girlfriend, but the two were running late for their dinner reservation. As they waited in a taxi line, a man approached them and offered to give them a ride and let them skip the line for $20. Bergman agreed and handed over the money. Then, the man disappeared. “Halfway through, I was like, ‘I’m an idiot, this is a scam,’” recalls Bergman, the co-founder of a travel budgeting app, TripCents. “The worst part is, we had to start over again in the taxi line.” The couple ended up arriving at the restaurant an hour late, but their reservation was still honored. The incident, which took place about four years ago, turned into a learning experience for Bergman, who spent the rest of his trip on guard against potential scam artists. » MORE: Let NerdWallet help you plan your next trip Travel scams can include everything from pickpockets on the street to websites posing as travel companies to steal credit card information. Numbers on physical theft can vary greatly by destination and local police enforcement. But according to e-commerce fraud prevention firm Forter, travel and online agency fraud rates rose 37% between the first quarters of 2017 and 2018.

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